Trust Agricure with your manufacturing needs. Why?

Decades of industry knowledge helps us pin point your needs fast and get down to the manufacturing to bring your product to market as soon as possible. Agricure holds APVMA licence number 2161 for manufacturing category 2 (Creams, ointments, pastes powders etc.) and category 4 (premixes & supplements) products.

We know that timing and quality is crucial. Communication is key.

Expertise in quality assurance (QA) of raw materials, formulation including blending, pelleting, filling, packaging, labelling, analysis and testing (physical and chemical), storage and release for supply.

Let us help you bring your next product to market. Start your manufacturing partnership with Agricure today.
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Meet the Agricure team

Veterinary scientist Ray Biffin and Biochemist Hub Regtop, both highly esteemed members of the Australian scientific and veterinary communities, have built Agricure into a highly successful and often ground breaking animal and human products manufacturer in NSW Australia. Their combined knowledge and industry prowess.

Hub Regtop


Hubert Regtop is a biochemist and microbiologist. He has a batchelor of science degree  B.Sc. from the University of New South Wales

Ray Biffin


Ray Biffin and horses belong in the same sentence. A drover and stockman since small child, he later stabled and trained successful showjumpers.

Jake Biffin

General Manager

Jake has been with Agricure since 2005, for the last ten years he has been responsible for the management of both Agricure’s manufacturing arm and R&D operations.

Phillip Mark Griffin

Production Manager

Phillip Griffin is the founding director and production manager for Agricure.