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Hub Regtop


Hubert Regtop is a biochemist and microbiologist. He has a Masters of Science, from the University of New South Wales (1973). Hubert has a long and esteemed career as a University lecturer, research fellow and research director of publically listed companies, multi-million dollar grants, hospital funded projects and partnerships with Universities in the US and United Kingdom.

In 1983, he formed Biochemical Veterinary Research (BVR) with Ray Biffin, designing and manufacturing a range of pharmaceutical drugs for animals and equine nutrition. This company became Agricure today.With Ray, he developed 2 patents on a ground breaking non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug, most notably Copper Indomethacin, treating inflammation in dogs and horses. 

It has been a success story for the last ten years.In the mid-nineties, he was responsible for introducing standardised herbs in Australia and later commissioned to design and present educational courses on herbal medicine for pharmacists in Australia.Also current director of Trilogie Pty Ltd, established in 1994, he consults and lectures to the major health food companies, doctors and pharmacists in Australia, on the role of nutrition in medicine. He has authored twenty-two scientific publications and has had twenty-three patents approved.

Contact: hub@agricure.com.au

Ray Biffin


Ray Biffin and horses belong in the same sentence. A drover and stockman since small child, he later stabled and trained successful showjumpers, eventers and Australian stock horses and winners in both harness and gallop racing codes.

His prodigious veterinary career was defined early when in 1974, he established Murrurundi Horse Hospital, being the first surgeon in world to achieve athletic repair of ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments in horses. He pioneered the use of floatation therapy in the rehabilitation of crippled horses and was the first surgeon in Australia to fit artificial legs on broodmares, allowing them to continue their lives into happy retirement or other careers. He has extended his knowledge to the upcoming generation, writing and designing the NSW TAFE Farriers Apprenticeship and training, NSW Jockeys Apprenticeship and NSW Horse Management Diploma programs. 

In the early eighties, he became technical manager of Ranvet and International Animal Health and by 1987 aimed to change trainer-breeder misconceptions of horse feeding to a scientific, nutritionally balanced approach to nutrition formulation. Forming a company, now known as Mitavite (formerly Australian Feed Company), with fellow gifted scientists, he came up with the idea of putting everything a horse needed into one feed. Mitavite were the first in the world to explore this approach. 

Ray Biffin, Sam Rutherford and Peter Aldrick held a patent on the theory and manufacturing system of Mitavite feed. (Aust. patent 1990062644) This pioneering approach to horse nutrition is now standard, before Mitavite, this was not the case.Continuing innovation, he teamed up with world-renowned biochemist Hubert Regtop and formed company Biochemical Veterinary Research (BVR), named Agricure today. With Ray at the helm, Agricure has provided the equine industry with vital research and product development whilst maintaining a nutrition consultancy to canine, equine and human athletes (Commonwealth Games gold champion Heather Turland).

Jake Biffin

General Manager

Jake Biffin has been with Agricure since 2005, for the last ten years he has been responsible for the management of both Agricure’s manufacturing arm and R&D operations. Jake brings his prior experience in the custom broking industry, overseeing all administration, payroll and production at Agricure.He also enjoys working with Agricure directors on strategic management and the process of bringing new products to market.

Contact: jake@agricure.com.au

Phillip Mark Griffin

Production Manager

Phillip Griffin is the founding director and production manager for Agricure. At nineteen years old, Phillip took on his first production manager roll at Keymix where he was responsible for the running of the factory and upkeep of machinery. 

When Keymix was bought by International Animal Health (IAH) who had also bought the failing Souter Rural Industries (SRI). Phil took on the production manager roll, rehabilitating SRI and integrating it into a successful combined operation.Whilst proving a fertile ground for learning and performance, Keymix was also where Phil met Ray Biffin. With his experience at Keymix, Phil was a valuable member of Nature Vet and Fort Dodge where he was production manager from 1998 to 2001.There Phil was responsible for upgrading the former Fort Dodge site to a modern, industry standard facility.

Phil joined Ray and Hub as production manager at Biochemical Veterinary Research Pty Ltd (BVR) in 2001 where he designed and built the current factory. He oversees all production, machinery maintenance, staff training and implementation of GMP.

Contact: phillip@agricure.com.au

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